Non-Government Organizations in Tanzania are insisted to emphasize
more in training about cyber security and digital rights to disorders in
order avoid them from effects that might happen due to ineffectively uses
of internet
Speaking in workshop based on the Digital Rights to challenging
environment Chief executive Officer second Vice president office
Department of Disorders in Zanzibar Abeida Rashid Abdalah said that the
social media is very potential special to the Disorders because it used to
provide the important services for their life.
But also, Trainings about the Digital Accessibilityh for Disorders and
social media influencers, also there must be research about internet and
its usage said Abeida

At the same point Chief executive Officer of Zaina Foundation, a Non-
Government organization that organized the workshop under Internet
Freedom Africa 2020 #FIFAfrica20, Zaituni Njovu said that Disorders
they have to be aware with cyber security and effectively use of social
media that will be helpful to them to access information and enjoy
Democracy particular in this election session
“Therefore they haven’t be considered as disorders, they need to use this
digital services and internet, they need to access information about
election that will make them to have positive decision during election
polling said Njovu
The workshop included different Non – Government Organization where
by the members discussed challenges for the social media usage where by
women seemed to be much affected with social media humiliation Herieth
Mkaanga Chief Executive officer My Heath Foundation said that the
women must defend themselves from social media humiliation
When a woman humiliated in social media, we have to be the firstly to
oppose the situation and to insure that the post is deleted and nit shared,
they have to be pained when a fellow woman is humiliated” said Mkaanga
Anord Ernest Mlay a programmer from a institutions for widows
defendant TAWIA, said that the Men’s they have to be in front to avoid
women humiliation in social media, including rising awareness for Cyber
acts and to improve gender equality society
“We are responsible to rise our voices to conscious the society that we
have equal rights within our society and not having singe strongly
gender”Said Mlay
Initially, the Workshop started for Zaituni Njovu a Zaina Foundation
CEO, to brief members about the programs whereby she said tha Zaina
foundation aimed to promote Digital Rights in Tanzania through raise
awareness on access to information, Freedom of Expression, translation
of circumvention digital tools and Digital Security awareness to women

journalists, she added that Zaina Foundation succeeded to train a women
about Internet and cyber security special Women Journalists,
“We are promoting digital rights and digital security awareness and for
this session we put much efforts to women Journalists” Said Njovu
After that safe sisters fellow to run discussion about social media, media
laws, internet challenges and the solution to the challenges, where by
Neema ole Ndemno Said that the patriotic system in society it’s an
obstacle to women and cause digital threats
“Patriotic system leads to men favoritism and creates mistrust to women
and stereotype that undermine women capability that cause digital threats
when women aim to contest in election” Said Ndemo
Also in his presentation Door of Hope Tanzania CEO Clement
Mwombeki said that peoples they have to stop ignoring internet services,
and they have to put much consideration because Internet became one of
the basic need.
“Am Emphasizes that internet nowadays is a basic need of the human life
it’s like food, health services water and others needs including human
rights” said Mwombeki
On his l presentation Godwin Asenga and Antony Alfred from Zaina
Foundation Lectured about Digital Rights and cyber security and the use
of VPN as alternative once the partially internet shutdowns or social
media blackout happen he insisted people to install that key in their
phones. He insisted on the use of Tor browser and OONI for internet
measurement during censorship.

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